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Lightbulb Fixed Bridge RGD

So I was thinking about the new RGD series (extended scale), took a look at the models, and decided it would be great to save for one of them just to play some downtuned metal songs \m/ BUT they all have floating bridges. Now, I think it's great that they offer guitars with extended scale and floating bridges (perfect for professionals), but IMO the main reason to use a extended-scale guitar is to be able to play in SEVERAL down tunings, not just one (D standard), and we all now that changing between tunings in a floating bridge guitar is a pain in the a$$.

In a few words, it would be awesome if ibanez released a fixed-bridge RGD, especially a 7 string (extended scales work great with 7 strings imo). (If it's non prestige, then it's better for me, cause I got no money right now ) But consider the market: many people right now are into downtuned metal, I think ibanez could make some cash with a fixed bridge model.

just my humble opinion. I still think the new models are wonderful, to say the least, and I must thank you Ibanez for listening to us!!
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