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Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

Actually, Now that I think about it. I think it may have come with EMG's in it. To be honest I cant really remember exactly which Pickups were in it. It was a completely crazy and difficult month for me. Not too mention, I cant find the old pickups,after they were taken out and put into a box. But I do know for a fact that the Guitar Center Technician, "Max" said that he had to do a little bit of routing on the body to make the new pickups fit properly and make them actually be screwed to the body. Instead of just being screwed and set into the pickups mounting shell and hardware. I wanna say he said " I had to route some of the body because the EMG's were smaller". But I honestly cant be sure which kind of pickups he took out. But I am going to keep looking for them until I find them, then I will post that info when I get it. However, regardless of what pickups were in there, The DiMarzio "D-Sonic" in the bridge and the DiMarzio "Liquifire" in the neck position are by far the best sound I have ever heard. "PERIOD"!!! Between that and my Spider III 150 watt combo with Celestion's make a superb sound and put allot of previous amps to shame. Of course thats just my $.02 cents worth of opinion. I would still rather have a Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis or Dual rectifier.
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