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Re: is the zr a good trem....................?

Originally Posted by fabiophonic View Post
I'm curious about the Schaller Trem Arm Mod. Can you explain
the mod and how you do that? Thankyou!
Well you know how the 1st generation ZR's have the unreliable trem arm assembly?
This mod fixes that, I saw it mentioned here by some other members and tried it (it's really, really easy)

You get a Schaller trem arm from Stew Mac ($19 shipped for chrome arm)
Unscrew your loose ZR arm holder assembly (just a nut under tremolo base plate)
Slide the new arm assembly in
Tighten the Allen screw,

It improves the feel and flutter tremendously and the way it locks makes it more convenient than before.

I don't know if this mod is possible on 2nd or 3rd generation ZRs though.
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