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Re: 2010 Ibanez Compliments & Criticisms

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
They gave you a Prestige RG fixed bridge, the 1451. Not 1 person has even asked about it.

So there's what reason they should make fixed bridge RG's when NOBODY is buying them?
That's why I added the "is Ibanez just responding to market demand?" to the end of my post. I guess you are basically answering that question.

I know they added the RG1451 this year. But how long has that gap existed prior? Based on your observation so far this year, I guess that is why there hasn't been a fixed RG most of the time. Is it safe to assume they are testing the waters right now?

For myself, I would love to have a Prestige RG fixed, but I had a lot of trouble with the wife and actually trying to get another guitar this year. I settled for a non-prestiege RGT42FXQM-MSB which I bought recently on clearance from a US shop. A now discontinued model (relating to my neck-thru and fixed-bridge laments earlier) which had the added bonus of being GREEN and a color/finish that was never available up here in Canada. It'll satisfy the GAS at least for now.

My question is why AREN'T more people buying fixed bridge guitars?
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