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Re: Edge Zero vs ZR

I've actually had 4 of them.....I sold one of the J Customs because I had a friend who really wanted it so I sold him the one that I was not playing and I didn't like the flame top on it. Not one problem with any of them. I had all three guitars in the studio doing some work for Pixar. I was running 12 hour days with them for 3 weeks straight. No issues with tuning, etc. I was keeping track on a Peterson rackmount strobe tuner as well during the sessions. I'm going to try my UV777 Universe with Rich's stud mod and the Esp backstop when I am recording and playing live this summer. I don't expect to have any issues with the Edge pro setup on that either.

The one thing that I'm always worried about.....this apparently (and according to our Rep up here) has been one of Ibanez' worst year for sales. Some are saying it is because of the new trem, etc. In any case, he was telling me that they will be going back to the Edge Pro setups for 2012, apparently. Perhaps the Jem and Satch models are the early indicators of this?

Again, Rich is pretty much the guy in the know for this kind of thing. I was just relaying what the rep told to me. Again, everything is a rumour and you just can't always believe that stuff until you hear it from the main source.
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