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Re: Ugh.

Originally Posted by Macka View Post
To the OP:

Dude, don't be so pretentious that you think you can have a go at someone because he wanted to change the look and customise his own guitar. It's his guitar and because he paid money for it, he can do whatever the f**k he wants with it and if you're gonna take the road of turning your nose up and thinking you're better than he is because it's something that you believe you should never do to a Universe guitar then maybe you should remove your head from your a$$ and take a good sniff of reality instead of constantly smelling your own bull$hit.

I mean seriously, you can think that..... i probably would too but to come in here and try and look all "I'm a pro, look at me" by posting a thread titled "Ugh" followed by "who would do this?" is only something a stuck up A-hole would do.

*rant over*
Yep. I'm clearly the stuck up arsehole. On one end of the spectrum, a guy like me is seriously confused as to why someone would take an original UV7 and turn it into nothing more than an RG7421 with a EMG707 in it. You want an RG7421, go buy an RG7421.

On the other end, there's people like yourself who throw out unnecessary personal attacks because I posted a thread about my dislike for a UV7 customization. I mean really, I always thought of Jemsite as a place to discuss these types of things freely, without the need for excessive vulgar language and personal attacks such as that in your post. Thanks for showing me what kind of people are on here.
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