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Re: Edge Zero vs ZR

My favourite trems to date are without a doubt the Lo Pro Edge on my Jem and the Edge Zeros on my j-customs. I've owned two Edge pro Rg Prestiges in the recent past and I did not like the trems compared to the rest. I sold the guitars and got j-customs with Edge Zeros instead. In the end, I recon the mentioned trems all fall in the top bracket of Trems, some probably just prefer one over the other. I certainly have my favourites... I haven't owned a ZR bridge yet. I do like how they feel though.

The reason I've grown so very fond of Edge Zeros is 1. They stay perfectly in tune regardless of what I throw at them. 2. There's no rattles or any secondary sounds coming from them 3. Intonation settings are a breeze and 4. They make for the quickest string changes ever and even detuning can be done on the fly. My Lo Pro Edge, as much as I love it, will throw a fit when a string snaps or when I want to do a quick detune. (I still love the stability and feel of a LPE regardless!) EZ's are extremely stable imo. I was very apprehensive when I ordered my j-customs because of all the negative hype surrounding the EZ's. I'm very happy that I didn't base my purchase on all the negative publicity. In my experience, most of the "facts" about EZ's are absolute nonsense...

Edge Zeros are EZ...
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