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Originally Posted by DanMeagher View Post
Duncan JB and 59. Or tone zone and humbucker from hell. Or EMGs. Christ I can never make up my mind on pickups. Actually some Gibson humbuckers would go nicley for that 70s explorer vibe. . .
Ibanez Destroyer + Gibson Pickups = EVH original brown sound. Yeah!

I just love the combo Ibanez and DiMarzio, that just sounds right, imagine a whole bunch of super distortions in a Phil Collen reissue with a original khaler...

A prestige DT would be great too if they stick to the original set neck. Mind you I'd buy a bolt on, I already have the DT420 but I need another one (the wife does not seem to be on the same wave length but what does she know?!). What colors should they offer apart from the usual black?
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