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GP Dec -87 - My first meeting with a JEM

During Chistmas I went home to my parents house and came across some of my old Guitar Player magazines. The December -87 issue was particlarly interesting as this was my first encounter with the JEM guitar.

The magazine previews the new gear for 1988 and here's what it says about our belowed JEM:

Unveiled by Steve Vai during a dramatic moment at last June's Chicago NAMM show, the Ibanez Jem 777 features a lightweight basswood body with a "monkey grip" through body handle, a maple neck with 24 frets (the highest 4 are scalloped), a tilt back headstock, two DiMarzio humbuckers and a single coil, and an Ibanez Edge tremolo. The basic model sells for $1299.00. Limited editions in Loch Ness Green, signed and numbered by co-designer Vai, are offered for $1590.00. On the somewhat less expensive end is Ibanez' $1099.00 Maxxas MX2H, a smoothly contoured, two-pickup solidbody with an Edge tremolo and an all-access neck joint system. Jem, a New York based company headed by Vai's friend and luthier Jim Despagni, offers one-of-a-kind custom instruments, as well as the $999.00 Standard 1 electric guitar and similarly priced Standard 1 bass; ebony fingerboards and on-board cigarette lighters are optional.

The coolest thing about the magazine is the JEM ad. There's no text whatsoever and I would have thought that it was part of the article but it is listed in the advertisement index in the back. I couldn't find it in the vault so here's a scan:

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