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Re: Carvin Legacy 1 Half stack or Carvin V3 Half stack?

if you havent made up your mind yet. Ive owned both amps, currently i have a legacy vl-100 head.

Neither can do metal very well without a lot of help. clean channel on the legacy is awesome even at high volumes it is perfectly clean very versatile. lead channel without a boost its hard to play anything gainier than classic rock, but the clarity and bass responce is unmatched. now if you use active pickups youll love the smooth tone and sustain from the lead channel. this amp loves active pups.

The v3 was very easy to dial in and had a nice chunk to it but it was kinda thin even with 6l6s. This amp no matter where you set it it sounds good at any volume. Not so much with the carvin legacy it almost demands the use of your guitar tone and volume knobs. The v3 is a bit more expensive than the legacy. The v3 doesnt like el34 type tubes if you bias outside of stock specs, the legacy works great with either.

And now for the sales pitch- carvin legacy vl-100 head with a high gain jj kt77 retube kit from eurotubes. Comes with original footswitch, original amp cover, and even the original carvin cardboard box.
$550 shipped OBO will consider trades. Im gonna jump on the axe fx train. I even got pics and sound clips if needed.
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