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Re: Jem 777 Fingerboard

An amazing example of a shocking pink model...very nice!

Some *may* have had a light finish on them, but I cannot be certain as I've never owned one from new. I have one just yours but it was (before I bought it) professionally finished on the back of the neck as well as the fretboard. It may not sound like a smart or a nice thing to do and I was skeptical about it too, until I picked it up and wow! That's not to say everyone else would like it, but it sure is a nice contrast to an unfinished (or finish-worn) maple fretboard, which I equally adore.

Personally, I'm quite comfortable that the neck and fretboard on mine have been refinished, as it will be extremely difficult to stain or mark the fretboard. Stains and marks are a major concern when you have something like this that's in near mint condition and is over 20 years old. It still feels extremely good and plays extremely well too.

Seriously though, if you're considering doing the same as mine and getting the fretboard refinished, think long and hard about doing so as you may reduce it's value. Quite considerably if it's not done well.
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