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Originally Posted by Phatsaq View Post
And yet another reason why I will never buy a guitar online. I'm sure there are some very trustworthy vendors, such as Rich here from what I gather, but still seems too risky.
I wouldn't go that far. I got my Jem 7VWh off Evilbay, from a very reputable vendor in Canada, 100% positive reviews, Power Seller, and within minutes of handing over the credit card details, got a phonecall to verify the card holder to be correct and knowing of the purchase. I was very impressed.

You CAN buy online, just do your homework on the seller first..... If you can't find enough information about them or if they've made a lot of people happy and such then keep looking.

Incidentally I saved myself $2500 Australian Dollars by getting it online. They're over $5500 in Australia, which is absurd. My mate thought the deal so amazing that he did the same.... again with no problems and ultra fast shipment.

In fact, I've gone as far as saying that "I will never buy another guitar off the shelf in this country again.... all purchases will be online when it comes to guitars"
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