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WARNING - DNA NECK - E-BAY - 220670076492

Sorry to cross post this but it's a short auction duration so looking for maximum coverage.

I bought this neck [220656097924] from Gravity a couple weeks ago, and returned it. It is a neck that was replaced with a new neck, because it is unplayable in it's present state. The fret ends were modified [evidently in an attempt to improve it] and it has lost too much fret playing surface for a 56mm heel neck. The E strings will run too close to the curved ends and fall off the edge when fretting with the slightest vibrato. It needs a refret to be a usable neck. I explained this to Gravity, they evidently agreed, and sold it to a local "cheap" [their words], fully disclosed.

This local immediately put it on e-bay [220670076492] without disclosing anything. I notified them of it's issues, and instead of updating the description, they have blocked me from bidding. Evidently they want you to overpay and could care less if you get screwed. Thus, this warning.

This is the way a 2000 era 56mm fret end would look from the factory

This is the DNA neck reject on e-bay

You can clearly see that shallow rounded edge and it's affects on playability. You could buy this neck without having something to use it on right now, and if you missed this, by the time you got around to using it and realize it needs a refret, you'd be far out of your claim period.

The neck was wrapped in the original replacement neck packaging from Japan, but is the neck that was removed from the guitar and replaced, not the new replacement. Before bidding I had specifically asked Gravity what the story was and why was it not on it's DNA and got the answer that the owner liked to mix and match and that there was nothing wrong with it at all. As soon as I unwrapped it and saw this factory replacement wrapping I knew there was a big problem with what was inside even before I opened it.

If you're bidding, calculate the $250 cost of a decent refret into your max bid.
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