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Re: WARNING - DNA NECK - E-BAY - 220670076492

Originally Posted by ProfessorShred View Post
At first I was upset that I didn't win that neck,Rich,I am sooo happy you outbid me in the final seconds
Glad to know the underbidder got the message. Too bad 2nd underbidder didn't, that was the "winner" this time around.

Originally Posted by IbanezFreak777 View Post
Rich said all the frets were like this, I think the photo shows the worst of them...
That was just the only one I shot, I didn't see the need to shoot 48 pictures

Here's the last reply I got from this douche, you may get a kick out of it.

If whoever buys the neck is not happy with it I will refund their money in
full whenever they ask for it. Just because you can't play a neck with
these frets doesn't mean a more adept player can't play it. Muddy Waters
started out with a cigar box strung with wire from a screen door and he
didn't do too badly. Have you noticed a f-ucking handle carved into the
guitar body of an Ibanez? I would be more concerned about that s-hit design
than I would a c-unt hair of clearance on a fret. The only thing Ibanez
guitars rule is the trash heap. They are a junk guitar. Sorry to burst your
geek bubble. Worry about your own customers, not mine. Search Brockburst on
Google. Its been on the cover of every major guitar magazine and many half
a dozen books. That is what I have been buying and selling for the last 35
years before you knew what a fret tang was. Not japanese mall guitars.
Brian Brock

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