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Re: too nice to play - playing ultra high end JEMs?

I think the best example for this is the REMC, and to be honest, when I think about all the things that have gone into making that guitar what it is, the swirl, pickups, build, fret job etc etc, it just outlines everything I want in a guitar. It was seeing and holding a REMC that made me buy my UV7BK.

To put it more concisely, if I could afford one, I'd buy an REMC, and I'd take it to every gig until either I couldn't play anymore or it couldn't be played.

I've played an original '59 LP Custom (black of course) that had had 3 headstock repairs, was on it's 2nd set of frets, had been through all kinds of sh!t and it was still the dream of a guitar that it should have been, and a lot of that I think is because it was played.

I'm not saying treat guitars like crap at all, I treasure my guitars, but not playing them is just silly.

If I bought somebody else's guitar on the other hand (e.g. Vai's UVMC, Gilmour's Strat etc) it'd be kept somewhere safe. I'd still have to play them at least once though lol.
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