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Re: How many of us gig?

I'm playing in cover bands since 1994 cause in my country there's no room for instrumental music.
My band(same musicians) sometimes is Journey cover or Bon Jovi cover or Europe cover or Pink Floyd cover,depends on which one the owner of a pub wants,sometimes we play all of them together.HERE we have to play note for note cause people don't want to pay to hear people playing their idols on a wrong way so we have to play covers better than those bands which created those songs lol
We play 2,3 gigs every week and sometimes some private parties.
I played in U2 cover,Iron cover,SkidRow/Tyketto/Danger Danger cover(and so many other hair metal bands) but I never had long hair lol.
Here you have 3 options,or you play in cover bands,in teenage crap pop rock emo stuff or bossa nova.
Covers for me lol
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