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Radius is here!

Yeah, that's a crappy pic, best I could do at the moment.

Overall, not bad shape, but needs some work. The finish looks really good with only a couple of fairly light scratches. The neck has some dings in it on the back and the upper side where my thumb hangs out around the third fret. Again, not bad but it's there. The frets are in pretty good shape, some slight wear, not unexpected. The Ultra neck is super comfortable though, easy to play. The action is a tad higher than I like but nothing crazy.

It's missing the trem cavity cover, which I already was aware of and the trem arm. I tried popping the one I have in and it just came right back out so it's not snapping into position, I'll have to look at that. It's likely the spring is missing or broken. And the electronics need some cleaning up.

Probably the worst cosmetic thing is some of the metal pieces are severely oxidized with the exception of the main body of the Edge trem, it looks spanking new except for the string lock screws, those are a little rusty looking.

I am considering just pulling the bits and pieces and installing all chrome hardware so I'm not sure if I want to mess around with the trem too much at this point. What do you guys think?

Also, I'm considering heavily putting my brand new yellow RG350 up for sale to help fund the upgrades to this and my RG570. I'd kind of rather funnel my money into those two than upgrading that one. Am I crazy, should I just keep it? Not sure on that one yet so any input would be considered strongly.

Here's the yellow one...

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