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Ibanez RG 560-----my experience

Hi all I bought an RG 560 in may 91. I used it as my main stage guitar up until 95. I bought another RG560 in 93. For some reason the second one never 'Felt right' Even though it was the same guitar. Since then I've owned a a 62 reissue strat, Fender flame, Gibson SG std & De armond jetstar. I've whittled myself down to two guitars. The SG & the RG. I just think that out of all the guitars I've owned the RG has given me the best ownership experience. I don't understand why Ibanez discontinued it. The only thing I'd change is the 'overbright' basswood body. I'd make them in alder or Mahogany.....Its loads better made than the SG which has bridge studs made of monkey metal. I've probably played 100 gigs & hundreds of rehersals with it. If I were Ibanez I'd rethink the RG & make it into a more upmarket all round axe like a pensa suhr or a Tom Anderson..
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