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Another '87 540R saved from the parter-outers

Yeah, the current couple of ehayers who are parting out Ibanez guitars seem to hold nothing sacred. They're parting out Radius guitars! Oh, the humanity! Of course, the one guy has been trying to fob off the same sets of control cavity and trem cavity covers at $40+ dollars for a couple of months now. A couple of chewed up bodies have been sitting for about as long. I could've told 'em. Sell those suckas whole. Cause you ain't making your money back doing parts. Or, you shouldn't have bought that chewed up mess in the first place, doh.

Anyway, I saved this one. It's the most minty used guitar I've ever bought and it's 23 years old. Simply amazing. And, unlike other Blue Bursts that have passed though my hands, this one's blue is not very evident. Usually it looks like a black guitar and then in some angles you think maybe its a solid midnight blue. But that's just because you caught a glimpse of some dark blue caressing a curve.

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