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NGD: '93 RG770

Here's a new axe that came my way recently, a '93 RG770. I recently decided that all my guitars were apartment queens and that I needed one "player" in the mix, a guitar that I wouldn't mind playing live, hacking up to install crazy electronics or painting.

I set my sights on either a '92 or '93 RG760 or RG770. I like these because they have direct-mount pickups. The 760 I believe is extremely hard to find, as it was only sold in '92 with direct-mount pups. I also wanted a black guitar because I wanted a black headstock. I dreamed about the USA Custom guitars as a kid, which were based off of 700 series guitars and all had black headstocks.

So much to my luck, there was someone on here selling a '93 RG770 in black for a very reasonable price. This guitar is everything I was looking for. I has pretty minimal play time, so the frets are all great and overall the body is in really nice shape. It also has a beautiful super dark rosewood board...almost black. And it even has some nice edge chips along the back near the input jack and some scratches from what I'm assuming was a leather jacket. I love this because now I don't have to worry about marking up a pristine beauty. Anyways, enough of my chatter and on to the pics!

I find the last picture funny because there is a drivers license number engraved in the trem cover. Apparently, this guy had a bunch of stuff stolen from his house when he was a kid, including his first guitar, which was some cheap POS. The insurance gave him way too much money for the guitar and he ended up getting this one with the insurance money. His mom had him engrave his drivers license number on there in case it ever got stolen...LOL.

Future plans for this include a Sustainer and Tron artwork. I'm hugely nerdy about Tron and was totally obsessed with custom painted guitars as a kid (hence the USA Custom obsession).

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