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Re: NGD: '93 RG770

Originally Posted by Takin' a Ride View Post
LOL, this guitar isn't pristine, but it's really nice. There are two cracks in the clear on the top, which you can barely see as faint white vertical lines in the 3rd pic. There's also a small chip at the very edge of the bridge pickup cavity on the treble side (look closely at 3rd pic). On the back there are some edge chips near the input jack, which don't show up well against the tan background. There's the one scratch you can easily see and along the back edge near the rear strap pin, there are a lot of scratches in the clear. The guitar also had a large dull spot on the contour where your right arm would rest when playing. You can also see the cosmo finish worn off the edge of the trem. I'm assuming that the guy wore something like a biker jacket a lot while playing this.

I take a lot of care in cleaning and setting up guitars. I pulled this one apart but left the pickups in and buffed the whole body using the ColorTone swirl remover from Stew Mac along with a foam pad.

I have the medium and fine compounds, but I skipped them on this guitar for time. I've found that the swirl remover does a pretty nice job all by itself. I've also found that naptha does an absolutely masterful job of cleaning cosmo hardware. Other than that, most of what I do is straight off of Rich's site, other than pulling more stuff apart to be able to clean it better.

I paid $525 shipped for this guitar. There were a few 92/93's on eBay recently, although all for more than this, but they appear to be gone now.
I was looking at them...... but $1000 for a player condition????? not me...... I found that RG750 ridiculously cheap, but my wallet ran dry before I could get I'm hoping the guy still has it in a week or so, then I'll have the funding again.
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