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Re: NGD: '93 RG770

Originally Posted by RGTFanatic View Post
I was looking at them...... but $1000 for a player condition????? not me...... I found that RG750 ridiculously cheap, but my wallet ran dry before I could get I'm hoping the guy still has it in a week or so, then I'll have the funding again.
There was a really nice condition purple '93 that was sitting at $600 for a long time on Buy It Now. There's a guy currently selling what he claims to be a dead mint black '93 for $750. Not sure if I've seen any LB ones. There was a nice white 750 on there the other day. Strangely, the neck on mine is actually stamped RG750.

And the cracks...just in the clear. Like the previous owner bumped the guitar into something.
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