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Here she is!! UV777GR

Superuser on 10:47 am on Jan. 18, 2002

Welcome to the UV777GR Club!! Congrats. It looks very nice.

Tell us how you aquired it, and what you paid for it.

The name of my GR is Akasha.....(i call her Fifi for short)

I would pick an Egyptian name.... inspired by the pyramids!


Hey Robbie, thanx bro, I've wanted one for a long time, happy to finally have one!!!! *I got it in a trade from Xing Cztarre here on Jemsite. *We traded straight across his UV777GR for my UV777BK. *I never liked the BK much, I got it as an insurance replacement and never got into the neck on it. *So, for the past year, I've been looking for a trade, well, finally Dave (Xing) emailed me with just such a trade. *I love the GR, it's a great guitar, it will actually get played, not like my UV777BK did hehehe.
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