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Quality of woods - Jems vs Prestige RG's

Two hands31 on 4:42 pm on Jan. 20, 2002
There was no price consideration with Steve's choice of basswood. *It was simply the fact that basswood sounds very "thick", like mahogany, but is lighter
I just want to make it clear too (and I know most everyone knows this)- just because mahogany is more expensive than basswood, it is by no means "better". A couple things make it more expensive- availability and workability being 2 of them.
And I can't stand mahogany guitars anymore. Has a PRS and played a lot of 'Pauls- way too muddy for me. Lot's of chunk and thickness, but too muddy and not resonant enough for me.
I have liked guitars made of basswood, swamp ash, and alder, though.

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