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Re: Help with two Ibanez- ID & quality?

Originally Posted by Hikey Mikey View Post
Congratulations! Greetings from Raleigh . . .

Why not try fixing that crack yourself? Get some Titebond (or Elmer's, or any quality wood glue, fill the crack (really thin cracks you will need a narrow gauge nozzle/ a needle).
Clamp it from both up-down and side-side and wipe off the excess glue.

This type of guitar is a great candidate for doing something like this and you can't really make it worse (unless you use an unpadded metal clamp with gorilla pressure, or some other failure of common sense).


I agree, you should be able to do this yourself pretty easily. I would do it a bit differently, but you can surely do the job yourself.

Like Mike said...just use some common sense!!
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