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Stratsound on Ibanez...

Wordwolf on 4:12 pm on Feb. 3, 2002
There is a magic... a "vibe" about a Strat that's hard to reproduce. But c'mon, it's basically a what? 50, 60 year old guitar idea.
Of course, it's worth pointing out that the major design features of most instruments have been fixed for a lot longer. Not to mention that the fact that Leo began designing the Strat when electronic music equipment was still pretty much in its infancy, and before any of the major rock and roll guitar heroes were around - and still created something that stands up in almost every kind of music barring ultra-gain detuned metal, almost fifty years later - tells us that the man got just about everything right.

I love my Ibanez guitars, and I love the new developments in guitar technology that keep things interesting. But I still find the pleasure of playing a 21-fret single-coil equipped Strat through a single-channel tube amp can keep me happy for hours at a time, especially on the middle pickup.

Talk about innovation! :sarcasm:
Careful, fella, or I'll have to point out that three extra frets, a couple of humbuckers, a locking tremolo and a Monkey Grip doesn't add up to a giant step for guitarplayerkind in my book...
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