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Ibanez SX?

I found this in a pawn shop today, it wasn't one of the wild 80's has the standard black Ibanez headstocks they use today...and it had what looked like an RG body with a 22 fret neck and no AANJ. The body looked like oil stained mahogany, but it may have been alder or something else. It had a hardtail bridge. Looked a lot like the JS-6 except for the RG body. It was in decent condition, I didn't take it down from the rack or anything because the guy working there might have gotten pissed off, and I didn't have much time. Not sure about the neck either. It was missing the volume and tone knobs, but other than that, it looked pretty good. And for 180 bucks, this isn't a deal I really wanna pass up!

Is this just a cheap model or is this something worth pursuing?
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