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a question about necks

hello people,i'm totally new to your forums but not to this site,i've been looking around and every search on google about ibanez ends here
ok,now to the main part:i have a rg350dx,it's working good but i'm looking for MORE now,in my country these days i basicly can't find anything that i can afford in prestige line(not to mention that i just hate the ZR trem system)
so i found this rg550,it's made in 98,fujijen...don't remember the sn's not in a good condition,specially about the neck...the neck is broken right where the scarf headstock joint meets the main part(the sandwich part)of the neck,it's repaired alright but i'm afraid of going for i thought maybe i can change the neck.searched ebay and only 2 aanj wizard necks were availible.i can't even buy those since the irans trade route is blocked off.but i'm planing for a trip if that's what it takes...
now the question is:does this 2007 ibanez rg 2750e fit into an 98 ibanez rg550 aanj neck pocket?i don't want to rout the body by any means,there is a 98 ibanez rg550R aanj neck on ebay too,but it seen better days( still that's another option i can take)
i'm just a newbie asking for help,so please can someone give me some quick answers?
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