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Re: Godin Flat Five 'X'--anybody played one?

Originally Posted by bduersch
I read a review in Guitar Player about the Godin Flat Five 'X'--it's a shallow hollowbody. The body has a maple block with poplar wings, flame maple top, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard. It's strung through the body, has 2 humbuckers with a 5-way switch, has 24 frets, 24.5" scale, and a 16" radius. Plus, to top it all off, it has an LR Baggs piezo system.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to it, but I've been looking for a hollowbody for a while (I play more jazz gigs than rock gigs these days). This seems like a guitar that would have a jazzier tone but still feel somewhat familiar.

Anyway, has anybody played one of these? If so, any comments?


PS--Here's the link--I want the black one!
If it's anything like their other guitars, it should play like a dream. I'm in love with the Godin Multiac.
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