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Originally Posted by 6fingers View Post
Agree in fact I don't like any guitar companies are making, in all of them there are things I want to mod like in my 1527, I want ebony fingerboard with white binding + maybe a neon metallic green or orange body/headstock color.

I use my guitars to work and not to play in my bedroom.
I don't have time to mod them cause I need them to play.
There's a big difference between having guitars to hang on the walls and having them to work.
Wait...maybe somebody could donate me one then I could mod it.
I could even put the donor name on its headstock.
Well I had to try
I'll donate mine after I track down it's new owner and kill him . Oh, but you'll have to pay for it. And shipping/customs fees.

Oh, and I figured you may be happy to know that me and my dad both regret trading the RG1527 for the RG565. Especially me. I don't even use 6 strings anymore.

I'm not too sure about down in South America, but up here, the old 2003 and 2004 RG1527's go for as cheap as RG7620's. Only problem is that it has the older neck. So it's just an RG7620 with an Edge pro.
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