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1987 Neon Pink (Shocking Pink) RG550 w/hsc

This is a refinish with HOK Neon Pink W/matching headstock

Not perfect but looks very nice - a few imperfections in the paint but it is smooth and shiny! This is a true Flourecent that glows under black light and gets a cool hazy glowing look under stage lights. The headstock was painted because it had a lot of dents and dings in it and the logo was damaged - didn't get the new one lined up like stock - It's harder that you think!

Pickups are V1, S2, middle pickup is a stacked IBZ/Dimarzio from an RG 750. Volume and tone control are new dimarzio 500k no tone resistor.

The frets are in good condition with Light wear, nothing serious. The neck had the obligitory cracks near the locking nut but it was repaired and is under the finish. Straight and it plays great.

Hardware is all good with small scratches here and there - the bridge is a 8.5/10 with no rust and a new bar.

everyone that sees this guitar loves it! I will post pictures of the guitar tonight with the dimarzio pickups that were previously in it until I get a sunny day

$550 shipped in the US Fedex
Roughly $50-80 more to most countries in Europe but I can figure out an exact price once it is boxed up - Typical shipping to Europe is $125 USPS Priority
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