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Wizard Prestige vs. Super Wizard

I really like the Wizard Prestige neck profile. Feels the most natural to me.

I own many guitar makes including Music Man (Axis and JP6), Gibson Les Pauls (50's and 60's necks), and many Ibby's. I have played just about every brand.

It always feels like home everytime I go back to my RG20051 or RGA121 with the Wizard Prestige neck. I have come to realize it is my favorite neck profile. I have a 1990 RG770 (my first guitar) with a comfortable neck but its not quite as comfortable.

I am looking to get another J-Custom (currently have an RG1880NT) but would like to get one with the Wizard Prestige profile, or close to it.
The RG1880 has a much thicker profile. I like it, but still not as comfortable as the Wizard Prestige.

The "newer" J-customs have a "Super Wizard" neck profile. Is this very close to the Wizard Prestige if not the same? I really like the RG8420's and hope the neck feels similar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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