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Kev Brigden
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I would like to say that I want a load of different guitars, but I already have my dad's les paul in the house and have tried loads of other guitars so I would probably go:

- Finish customising my JS100TR
- JS1 and repaint it to something my girlfriend designed
- A load more JS1's for custom painting...
- 1 JS1000WH,
- JS's 2,3,4,5 and 6 (are you sensing a pattern yet )
- A JS10th
- Possibly that new Blue Jem, coz it's something a but mad and different...
- A swirled JS1 with matching headstock, just to see what it would look like

- A fulltone ultimate octave
- A digitech whammy wah
- Chandler chrous/delay rack effects
- Boss flangers and phasers....


- A Carvin head
- A Cornford head
- A Marshall 30th Anniversary head
- A Marshall JCM800
(depending on what sound I'm after...)

All through 4 Marshall 25watt speaker cabs straight front in line, to on left stereo mode and 2 on righ stereo mode (do they do 25's or is it 30w???)

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