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Re: Late 80s/early 90s RG-models with a maple fretboard?

Originally Posted by Gerard View Post
I have a collection of these types of Ibbys, mostly 1987-1990 Rg 550/ 560/ and 570 ..

I played the 1989 rg570 first time back on this video, felt amazing.

I think they were the best years for these. The RE dont feel the same, or sound the same.
I think the 560 is the most overlooked model the Single coil in the neck is amazing.

Close! But the best years for these went beyond 1990. In fact, the later ones with the LoPro Edge were even better.
I do agree with you about the 560 being overlooked. Great guitar, and if the owner ever wants a humbucker in the neck--a mini-humbucker will do the trick.

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