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NGD - 1988 Ibanez 540P SH in all its yellow glory.

Ok here we are. No thanks to the turds who tired to buy this out from under me. but Bill is a friend. knew he wasnt going to sell it. But was a little nervous LOL

Anyways here she is. I cleaned it up and saw it was a factory 2nd but who cares. they will can these for the littlest things like my warrior pro. no idea why.

That or it could be since Wiki says these came out in 89 and serial is 88 possibly a demo or prototype? who knows. not a concern to me.

But thanks to Ride for filling in all the whos and whats in terms of specs. but one more question. kinda a dumb one but considered a USA model?

enough Jabbin. Heres the pics.

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