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Re: RG2XXV quality?

I believe i have to wait until 10 posts to post pictures, but I had the chance to play one. I'll describe what sort of issues it had. Around the AANJ bolts on the back, they over sanded and went through the paint there and there are white rings about the bolts. the trem cavity has spots that are missing paint, almost looked like it was scraped off, maybe rough time with trem installation? There were black spots in the paint like the RG1xxv has. It also had a larger grey mark, but I'm not sure if it was like that from the factory or just guitar center handling.

For the money, its basically a RG350 with different aesthetics. On the other hand, most of these are finish flaws, and we've seen they can spray other colors well on other models. If you are fine with what you are seeing from the RG300 and RG400 series, I'd say it would likely be on par with those. One interesting thing is that it has dimarzios stock so maybe it will recieve better QC because its more expensive.
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