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Ibanez RG 2550 Z GK...

Hi Everyone,

I have a Ibanez RG 2550 Z GK, I m thinking of selling it beacause I don` t like sound form this guitar. It` s like from behind the wall. But i have idea ( I won` t be orginal) maybe change of picups will help? What do you think about it its worth of money? Next thing is what brand and type of picups will be the best for this guitar especially in this guitar and playing 80` s hard rock?

Btw. I have other guitar Ibanez RG 570 with Seymour Duncan Dp 192, Dp 193 and single coil APS-II Alnico SD and this set sound good and heavy but I woud like to test maybe some Dimarzio Evolution?

Thanks for help


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