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Re: Ibanez RG 2550 Z GK...

Based on that info--the pickups I mentioned will suit you perfectly!

You didn't break any rules--I just wanted to point out the proper section so you get more exposure. If you post this in the pickups and wiring section--more people may see it.

Originally Posted by Whu22 View Post
Sory for broke the rulez :-)
Sory if I wrote something incorect I am a Foreigner :-)

1. I like different type of music jazz, drum and bass etc. but I love hard and heavy, AOR, `80 s. Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Dio, Giant, Danger Danger, Accept, Guardian, Lion, Harem Scarem etc. Guitarists - Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve ray Vaughan, Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan and much more.

2. I have a JCM 900 Dual Reverb 100 W and Rocktron 60 W with POD 2.0. for excersises but in the future I woud like to buy a Peavey 5150 or Messa Boogie Triplle Recifter.
3. Ibanez RG 2550 Z GK - Basswood Body, 24 Jumbo Frets, Full Shark Inlays, Edge Zero Tremolo, 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-N Neck humbucker 1x DiMarzio/IBZ-S Single coil Middle and 1x Di MArzio/IBZ-B Bridge Humbucker, with mirror Pickguard.
A. Trem - Edge Zero
B. Rosewood board
C. 24
D. 5 way selector guitar and 2 potentiometer.
E. Basswood
F. Pickups are in a pickguard

Other important factors
1. I dont like sound of my Ibanez stock picups. They are to dark, sandy and muddy. I have my sound style but in that set I can `t get it in 100%.

2. I`m inexperienced in matching the picups. I don` t look any particular brand fo example Steve Vai plays DiMarzio Evo but I`m looking for a concrete sound. I have a Seymour Duncan Dp 192, Dp 193 and single coil APS-II Alnico SD in the other Ibanez RG 570 and I like them, but I don t want to have the same set in two guitars. I m searching for advice on this forum You are Pro.

3. Guitar is in great condition without any problems with that type.

Thanks for help and sory for

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