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I just watched a 35 minute video on how Les Pauls are made. It appears they are very careful with quality control, and there is alot of work done by hand. I would expect a gorgeous decently set up guitar. AH But!! I went to Guitar Center last week and I wanted to try an amp out in the "expensive room" so I grabbed a Les Paul. The input jack was jacked. Put it back and pulled another, that one didn't work either. I finally pulled an SG. That one worked but it felt so bad that I didn't even want to play it. Whats up with this??? Is there QC so bad? These were standards and a studio too. The SG was standard too. I am currently in the proccess of buying a 20 year old Les Paul copy supposedly hand built by a guy in Dallas named Hoyt. I am willing to bet that it is FAR better quality at $250 then a Les Paul standard at over $1000
Do they suck??
I never said that Gibson sucks, I am ASKING if they suck.

Do they suck??
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