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Re: Whats up with Gibson?

guitar center doesn't exactly take great care of their stuff, but i have played enough gibsons to know they are hit or miss. I can go to Nashville and pick out 5 gibsons of any line and know that at least one is going to play/feel terrible, and or have terrible workmanship ie... finish, fret issues, overall playablilty issues. i do think they have poor quality control because of the inconsistency between guitars.

i have played customs, the standards to the studios and limited editions and there are some good and some horrible. One of the worst was a BFG. The neck felt like it had an uneven profile the finish was terrible especially around the exposed directed mounted neck pickup and the frets were jagged on the ends.

A couple of the best gibsons i have played were the Alex sig model, one standard and believe it or not a couple of worn finish models.

I think gibson is struggling to nail down their market. They are trying to make cheaper guitars, but they havn't found a good way to keep costs down in production. so they skimp on the human interaction with the instrument with less time and attention paid to the finer finishing details.

either way i know i can pick up just about any ibanez, ltd or schecter and know that i am not going to find much wrong even on the cheapest imports. the ltd 50 series is impressive for the quality to price ratio and they are always consistent .
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