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Re: Jammit? Anyone tried this app?

The complaints about the cost of the songs often come from people who expect free music. Unfortunately, thats how things have evolved, people get mp3s for free and think that is ok.

This is really not simple mp3 content though. These are original high quality multi track audio masters and there's are synchronized with standard notation and tab notation. Additionally the varispeed slowdown requires programmatic syncro with the standard notation and tab.

In order to put out a Jammit song there is a production engineering process using the original masters (which costs in terms of Jammit engineers creating the Jammit formatted versions of the songs) and on top of that Jammit legally clears and licenses every single song that is currently released or is to be released in the future ( and that is in no way free ).

Before a song can be released in Jammit form, the original rights holders ( musicians and song writers ) and the publishers ( which vary from region to region ) must approve of the release of each song, and must also agree to terms ( of payment ) for each song sold.

The people who complain about the song price often do not understand the difference between the educational / entertainment rich value + high quality original master recording of a Jammit 2.99 priced song vs. a featureless mp3 1.49 version of a song.


some simply aren't musicians and don't understand the product expecting to be able to use any mp3 and magically separate the tracks.

The great majority are satisfied though.

AND Chrisf - you are dead on correct with the Line 6 feature. It basically gives you patches so you sound like the original artist in terms of tone.

This can only get better and there are big plans in motion already.

iOS is really mature having been released in Sep last year. Mac OS X is very mature as well. Windows is beta and gets better each day.

I love the thing and use it daily in my run throughs. I hate the days when I don't have time though.

There are good example videos out there too, search for Vai Jammit on Youtube and you'll see it. Check them out because they show you some of the features discussed here with audio and a view of the app in operation.
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