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Re: how much for a '91 RG570

Originally Posted by rub_800 View Post
Thanks for your advice bro, I'm feeling more tempted to buy it now..

In fact I have a pair of nuts that I bougth some time ago for replacement for my S40 (wich I think it's the same part)

One more question... what about the studs? Is there any risk of this piece to worn out? Is there a way of check it without taking the bridge away?
Nah, the studs aren't something to really worry about.......unless the previous owner was a gorilla..... They're pretty hard to damage. The only one I've ever seen damaged was obvious to see. A previous owner tried to tighten it with the lock's set.......the top of the head was missing a large piece. You can see it broken here:

As Axel noted; it's very possible for the inserts to be loose in the body (the metal part that the stud screws into in my picture above). If they are, it's a VERY simple fix that we can get you through in no time!!!
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