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Re: Post Pics of your Artcore or Archtop(s) Families too!

Originally Posted by 63Blazer View Post
At first I would think he didn't have a wife, but his bio says he does. This leaves me to two conclusions: he's either a man-child with doting wife that cuts up his steak and brushes his hair or a real professional musician. It turns out to be the latter.

My first jazz guitar teacher lived in nice ocean front home and he had one guitar, a crappy one at that. I think he spent his money on alcohol. But I wondered how he could afford this house but then I found out he plays for a little known, but high paying dude named Miles Davis. Years later I dated a girl with one crappy keyboard (nice house though), alcohol issues, too and she was the keyboardist for Count Basie. She was also set up. What's with all these talented drunkards, single instruments, and nice homes?
I was messing with him, I know him, and his wife is alot like mine, extreamly understanding.
I have well over 30 guitars, and a living room full of equiptment, She lets me play all I want!
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