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Originally Posted by steve View Post

... definitely the fact that it very much feels like a racy RG-type instrument...
Looks are awesome, especially if you're one for the Tele-style body, which I am... my original favourite electric...

So, Magnus, which versions do you have?
I actually have almost all of them.
All colors of the 2620, the black 1620 and the white 320 (those are actually amazing, I like the mahogany body).
Also have the FR8620-DA (the J-custom version), but I never use that one.

I also have a couple of custom FR's (LACS and Japan).

My main guitar are a LACS FR with a EDGE Pro tremolo, mahogany/mapletop body and maple fretboard.

I feel in love with the model even before it came out.
It feels like my loved RG's to play but have a look that visually works in any type of music (and as a session player is that part very important, a RG have a image that make it look wrong in many styles of music. I don't personalty don't think RG's look wrong, but many of the people who hire me do. The y sort of have a "first to the 12th fret gets a cookie" sort of stamp in many peoples eyes).

The rounded over "horn" make them hang a bit different in a strap than RG's, weight wise.
I didn't like that so much in the beginning, but now I love it.

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