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Need a new Single Coil on my Floral - recommendations please

Well, the middle single on my Floral is measuring at less than 5 ohms resistance, and no matter how I adjust the pups it's behaving more as a hinderance than a help... I've put a Breed in the bridge and wired up a push/push tone pot to split the humbuckers - I've also wired up a new switch so that I get the neck-bridge pickup combo in the middle (3) switch position, and this gives me a very nice in-between tone... But the only place the middle pup sounds half-way decent is when the 'buckers are split and I set the switch in pos. 2 (neck-mid) - otherwise, it just plain sucks... so it's time to replace it... I would ideally like to put in something that will fit under the pink cover (cosmetics matter to me :-) or that is available in a pink or green finish... Any recommendations guys? Please? I'm going to be stuck with whatever I chose for a while - like it or not - so I really could use some help here :biggrin:
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