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There are about 300 guys on this island who either play guitar and sing solo or w/ one other guy (bass or guitar/uke), and then play to a midi or backing track. Granted, it's Hawaiian tunes or Hawaiian-ized Top 40, so there's not a lot to it in the first place. And they gig all the time. They also all sound the same, and practically every song sounds the same (think Bruno Mars sings the hits).

So CAN you gig with one guy? You bet. But most of these guys are background noise for restaurants and bars where people don't go to actually FOCUS on the band (despite the fact that they crank the hell out of their tiny little PAs - I won't go into Big Kahuna when they have live music - it's unbearable). If you're a BAND, and want people to come to see you play and focus on YOU, a three piece is minimal in my mind. Better with 4 - guitar/drum/vocal/bass. Otherwise it's just boring - Andre Segovia notwithstanding. A 5-piece always has a nice full sound to it, but rarely is it worth having one more guy to try to coordinate with.
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