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ESP LTD MH-417 Mod

I just picked up and ESP LTD MH-417, for a great price in excellent condition.

I am not a big fan of active pickups.

I am looking for a little guidance on two things.

1. Is it possible to mod out the EMG and put in Dimarzio pickups? If it is, what is entailed and is there some links that can get me started. (I have been able to find people have done it, but not how to do it.)

2. What Dimarzio pickups would people suggest. From what I have researched through Dimarzio, and the tonal quality of Mahogany, it appears the D activator neck and bridge should compliment the guitar nicely. I play more in the vain of Vai, basic rock, it doesn't get heavy like the death metal bands (Not trying to offend anyone)

Any and all suggestion are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all of your help in advance,

Have a great weekend,

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