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Re: Steve Vai Pickups?

Originally Posted by Guitarmattms View Post
Hey folks,

Which Vai pickup should I get for my Mexi Strat? It's an Alder body. I'm looking at the Evo, Breed and the new Gravity Storm. I currently have SD single coils in it and I'm missing the beefier sound of a Humbucker.

Thanks for your help.
It depends on where you plug your guitar.
Vai pups were developed to match his amps, if you're plugging to modellers, there won't be big differences between them, if you'r plugging to tube amps, differences will be bigger but still they will sound very different than with Vai's amps still any of them will give you a great sound.
Plus strangers can't tell what you like, you have to try, I don't know why some people can't understand that, brains are different.
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