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Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary video clips! Great pickups!

A buddy of mine has a GREAT-sounding LP Standard loaded with the Dimarzio PAF 36th set. He let me borrow it here for a while to try out, so I thought I'd make some videos and share the joy of these awesome pickups! I'm playing through my EVH 5150 III 100 watt head, and a few videos have the Bad Monkey boosting it.
Here's a couple songs by The Darkness. I always liked their rhythm and lead tones so I thought it would be a perfect place to try these pickups out. They rock. Hard.
I Believe in a Thing Called Love :
Get Your Hands Off My Woman:
AC/DC Back in Black:
Back in Black solo only:
And here's some random wanking around with guitar only:
Part 2:
Thanks for watching !
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