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Questions: K7 vs. Ultra Prestige Neck

First, background...

I currently own several 7-string Ibby's, each with a slightly different neck. Of them, my absolute favorite is the Ultra Prestige 7 neck on my '06 RG1527RB. My second fav is the Wizard-7 Prestige neck on my '11 RG1527M

Now that we've established that...

I think I'd like to buy a used 2005 or 2006 K7 in decent shape. However, I've heard the necks on these described as "fatter", "beefier", etc. Well, that doesn't help me a whole hell of a lot. Fatter than WHAT? So I looked at the various neck specs on the Ibanez Wiki's List of Neck Types.

No help there either, because the dimensions for the '05 - '06 K7 neck LOOK identical to my '06 Ultra Prestige neck dimensions.

So, can someone set me straight? How different is a '05 - '06 K7 neck from my beloved '06 Ultra Prestige neck? I'll admit, I'm a bit OCD about my neck profile, so a dramatic difference will be a deal killer for me.

Thanks in advance...
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